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Perilous Star

By Alyssa Markins

Miniseries 5 | 8 Episodes

In her first book, Alyssa Markins creates an exciting tale of friendship, betrayal, and cosmic powers. Her world of the Western Zodiacs mixes modern-day reality with supernatural elemental beings that live above us in a cosmic realm and influence human livelihoods. We follow the story of Kaeli, a courageous girl who has a difficult life, who is selected to become the next Leo zodiac. She joins a cohort of other zodiac recruits to train and live in the Celestial Realm. They have intense training, develop fierce bonds, goof around a lot, and expand their powers, though few of them realize they are being prepared for war against Ophiuchus, an imprisoned 13th zodiac. This is a great YA adventure with an explosive and twist ending that kept us excited for more!

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